Fuck Disney with an Iron rod no lube (comedy)

Fuck Disney. Well 21st century shithole Disney at least the jury is still out on 90s Disney.

I fucking hate Disney. Just thinking about Beauty and the Beast. Fucking Mullan?!

Fucking bitch ass company.

No it ain’t because of star wars Disney shit edition movies or the fifty hundred marvel comic movies…

Wait. Fuck it. I changed my mind it’s all that shit rolled into one horse shit hill of domonic proportions issue. The one thing no fucking stars fan gives a damn about really.

The John Boyega connondrum.

It’s an old story but the shit never gets old for me.

I’m not going to say the word because in general the word has lost it’s power. So I’ll say marketing Issue.

Let’s go back in time to the year of our Obama, 2015.

Disney’s a cheap whore that’s been after big daddy China money. They had a new movie from a classic series.

Star Wars. The force awakens

Here’s my review: watch A New Hope.

Anyway, Disney had a problem though. A marketing Issue. Big Daddy C has a marketing Issue with the Blacks. Disney being understanding and willing to take it in the ass calmly did a marketing plan to down play a cast member in the posters and commercials. I mean you don’t want to be offensive to a culture that doesn’t like the Blacks. It would be a marketing Issue.

Now Disney the whore that she is carried on her plan for the rest of the shit show of three movies.

It is what it is. You know.

The more things change the more bullshiters still go on bullshitting.

I would be angry if I didn’t see a little dark humor in all of it. I do. You can’t yell at the moon and demand it glow with pink and blue stripes. Still though.

Fuck Disney. Fuck their movies and fuck frozen one and two.

Let it go! Holy shit!!

In a previous job life I had to sit in a room of kids and hear that fucking song twice in one day.

Damn I’m getting PSD flashbacks. Fuck it. For that fucking song alone I can feel my blood start boil.

I deserve a like or a damn laugh out of you for this shit. This is prime material.

Warm Regards,


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