Holy shit balls we are in a cvil war (comedy)

So Big T is out of office and Crept Keeper Joe has moved his casket into the white house. Have people on the moaning cocain blue side stopped bitching?

Haha…ah no. That’s hell no. Still moaning and still going after Big T.

This is the great divide my friends (those that are laughing at my silly ass.) This is the great divide of those that get laid and those that write mean posts on Twitter.

Blackpillers and Blue dog howlers are still shitting the bed over nothing. This is boredom of modern life. Orange man bad = my life sucks.

A tyrant has been removed?! A country saved! Fuck out here with that noise my dude. My taxes will be going up and already the crept keeper is talking about sending people to war in Iran for the next eighty years.


What the hell is it with The Loser GOPs and cocain Democrats sexual addiction to WAR? Is it enough both of them are stealing from our pockets. Shit on a cracker. Why do these people hate us so much? Damn. Sad son of a bitches.

Fuck it. I don’t give a damn anymore. It’ll saddle itself out. I’m being real and guess what I’m not even angry.

Hope for tomorrow is never wrong. Hope for the sun to shine again is never foolhardy. If you can breath today smile. If you have a child with your smile you are blessed. If you can laugh even in the darkest time with warmth and comfort that you will survive to the next day that is a blessing indeed.

Laughter is a delight. Friends are a keep sake. I’m honestly waiting for the payoff to the comedy of these crazy modern times.

Warm Regards,



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