Days gone dog


It’s been more then a minute and months sense my last post. Reasons being I lost my way a bit and couldn’t find the motivations to publish blogs any longer. I kept writing but the motivation.

Death, loss and pain. That has been the spice and blackpills for me. Now I’m done with that. New era and new changes.

A lot of changes. Good and bad changes in the world. I find it all funny some how and I want to make people laugh and enjoy words and life for it’s puzzling and complicated moments.

I found my motivation. I’ll be bustling the blog as my job. You, the reader are my customer to delight and enchant for today.

This blog will be my street corner. For the would be travelor on the roads of the interwebs. I’ll treat you to a laugh, a smile or whimsical time and place to breath from a world of mad derangement.

The days have gone to the dogs. A division is present. Two waves of opinions. Two roads divided.

Conflict. I used to find it frightening. Now I breath it in like cotton candy vap juice and exhail red smoke and smooth dreamy vibes. I’m dogmatic and hard headed to fight in the shade of the arrows of despair with a smile and a butter knife in my hand.

I encourage you if your feeling low to embrace the same gusto my friend.

Warm Regards,

L. M. Parker




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