The troubles writing an Epic like poem


Writers, poets and lover’s of the written mother tongue of the song language. I’m in a tailspin of emotions and trying to complete my first poetry book.

Poems come easy. I’ve always had a heart and ear for the sound  bird language of Shakespeare and Frost. I love English. It is the language bridges and valleys the mother tongue to poets and legendary wordsmiths.

The Epic is another beast though.

I read few in my life. Job’s trail’s accounts for my 90 percent experience. I’m writing a story that isn’t a story a poem that has traveled with me for ten plus years of my life. I’m finding it hard to complete. The cover is done. The format is set and due date is in the month of this post’s birth of February,  2020.

It will be a work composed of my music and my love of the depth of affection for the songs that have brought me comfort and joy.

As you can tell by now I’m in a poetic mood. My ambition is to complete it this month but in reality I will have to complete half of it in Ebook from and finish it by March’s middle of the road.

January’s book taught me about extending a chapter length simple with seeing the interactions of interesting characters. I loved work.

February’s book is teaching me focusing the value of time and difficulty of entering into a new form of literature.

I do wonder what March’s book will be. Though I have an idea brewing in my notes on my phone. It’s a steampunk fantasy staged in Fort Worth. Very gritted and fun. I’ll see how it goes.

Current books I’m reading: Throne of Bones, Warprize and a few others I can’t name at present.

L. M. Parker


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