La Rue: The Heir Prologue




2016, Another failed relationship turns

suddenly violent again

The first thought that entered my mind was thank God my father hadn’t come up with me to Jon Perier’s apartment. If he did his reaction might have been more deadlier then mine to the sight of seeing his future son-in-law in bed with two red-heads. This was the second time this had happened to me. Well not this situation accurately but something very similar.

I stood over the giant queen size bed watching Jon Perier’s handsome contented grin as he lay in between both women with an arm around the left one and the right one. What the hell was I doing? Why was I attracted to sick crazy handsome men? I had to figure this thing out or I was never going get married to a normal person.

The girl to the left opened her eyes suddenly and looked up at me and stared at me without blinking in stark fear. She mouthed the words. Who. Are You.

I answered by raising my hand with my engagement ring and pointing to the handsome idiot in the bed. She understood right away and started trying to inch her way out of the bed.

Jon Perier came awake without opening his eyes and tightened his hold around her waist and cupped her breast under the covers.

Where do you think your going, Honey. It’s still early yet.” He said in a smooth southern drawl.“Your fiancee is here? Your girlfriend to your right wants to get breakfast.” I said.

Jon Perier’s eye lids opened slowly as his smile strangely held in place. He looked directly at me without any change in his emotions or facial expression.


I was a crazy fool idiot or maybe I’m the idiot here for choosing this idiot. I really needed to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. He opened his mouth to begin his prepared speech but I wasn’t having that.

It’s over. I’m not going to tell my Daddy about this but I’m calling the wedding off when I meet up with my family for a short meeting.” I said and I started inching for the door.

Jon Perier frowned in confusion like he didn’t know where this was coming. He was in his own world and he was still trying to work a game on me. I really had to get out of here. I could feel the vomit just a few minutes away from coming up. I had to keep it together a little longer.

Com-on Cher. It was just a minor slip up. The girls’ got the better of me.” He said in that voice that usually got me sweaty and bothered. It still did even now. But, I wasn’t an idiot. He didn’t want me. He wanted something connected to me.”

I shook my head. “I’m not your Cher. I told you before. You couldn’t cheat on me. If you did I get over it but my family wouldn’t forget. Loyalty is everything to a La Rue.” I said watching and his reactions.

Jon Perier’s arm slipped away from the girl on the left as his hand inched toward a red rectangle box on his night stand.

Oh! No. Things were moving to fast. I had to slow it down. I held up my hand. “I told you I wouldn’t tell my family about what you did. I’ll give you back the ring and we can..” I paused as he pushed one of the girls at me. I dodged to the left and draw out my revolver from under my leather jacket.

I aimed my weapon at Jon Perier’s face as he held his piece at one of the girls. I shook my head. “That’s not going to work sweety. My Daddy is down stairs along with my cousins. I bought you a bike for our engagement.” I said.

Jon froze with a semi automatic in his hand. We stared at each other neither one moving. How did we end up here? This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened though. This time however I was armed and not as innocent as I had had been.

Unload, the magazine and the bullet in the chamber. Right now.” I ordered him. I was hyper aware of everyone in the room.

Jon gave him his pretty smile but he didn’t move to follow my instructions. He was playing to make a move.

Your weapon would make a loud sound and that would cause you and your family problems with the police. Just let me leave and I’ll-” He started but I stopped when I shook my head.

Unload, the magazine and the bullet in the chamber. Do it now or I start shooting. This is your last warning.” I told him again. I gave up my dog for this piece of trash. Never again would let myself be this desperate for a man.

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