The length of a story I’m discovering depends on the story


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I’ve started working on a story for a new series that is a spinoff of my life of prince series. Like with every book or short story I’ve written over the years I’m learning as I’m writing.

The length of a story. I struggled a lot with page count, word count and extending a story to long drawn out narrative. I like to write shorter stories. But, also like to test limits occasionally. My first novel was a work of stress and toil the preceding four were not any better.

But, my current book is different. The story almost writes itself. I don’t care about the length as a whole but the story is long and it’s end I can’t see but for glimpses in the conversations the main characters have with one another.

I love it. It’s a far way off from the fictional universe it comes from but it is a fun journey of discovery.

The book is still in it’s drafting stage but I can see that length will probably grow once I see what direction the story will naturally follow. I’m having fun just getting to know the characters in a new light and scope.

L. M. Parker

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