Notebooks and NorthMinster Mysteries


Writers, readers and lovers of the written word.

I began my first note booking of 2020 yesterday. It was a mad session of brainstorming for ideas and directions for one story. A story I had only been thinking about for a few weeks. A mixture of dirt dozen, Rogue one and a grand cyber punk adventure.

I’m not sure if the idea will go anywhere but I put it to pen and paper so I won’t have to hold the idea in my head and move on to other ideas I’m interested in.

Strange, even in this time of blogging and pc tablets and android devices I find myself still craving the texture and feel of a pen and paper to write down my ideas.

I’ve been reading the first book in a series I think will be a favorite collection of mean. The NorthMinster Mysteries.

The writing. The writing just flows from page to page. I like the main characters so far and the step by step draw of the first mystery. The setting is 1800s England and the main characters are a newbie doctor and a veteran cop. Both are likeable and instant grab you. I like strong characters in a story.

L. M. Parker

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