Happy New and my reading and writing goals


Writers and lovers of the written word. Happy New Year.

Twelve months of potential goals to achieve and things to do. I’ve goals and ambitions. First to the reading.

Throne of Bones by Vox Day. The book is one of a few books I’m set to read. I’ve been looking at the book for many months of last year. Vox Day is a favorite author of mean. I love his writing style and characters in his fictional tales. I finally made the leap and bought the audio book and ebook few days ago.

The book is a 900 page high fantasy of adventure and a large scale story. I’ve never read a high fantasy that has pulled me in and held my attention like this story with it’s rich characters and interesting fantasy world. I’m going to cruise along a year with reading because it’s so vivid in the storytelling both with the audiobook and ebook. I’m going to get the hardcover option later this year.

I got a lot of books in my digital library but I’m going to attempt to read through my physical copy of the Chronicle’s of Narnia. Though to be honest the stories don’t grip as Throne of Bones does for me maybe because I didn’t grow up with the stories as others did.

My writing progress this year is a bit more straight forward. I plan to write more and finish my books I’ve been working on for months. Oh I’m also going to attempt to publish a book a month this year.

L. M. Parker.

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