Grief and loss…I’m writing my way through it


Fellow writers and lovers of the written word and Merry Christmas.


You never know how crippling it can be when your in the claws of it and all you want to do is lay on the floor thinking about your mistakes, loss of the person you think about the most.

My mother died. It happened and all I wanted to do was nothing. I was frozen in still frame memories of my loved one on the edge of death and the thoughts of my own responsibility in not taking care of what should have mattered to me most.

So, I was frozen. So I wanted to stay in that frozen place.

Hope, faith, Family and a restless mind brought me back to this exercise that I do so naturally and yet it is not a hobby for enjoyment but me returning to being me.

I lost that for a bit and I didn’t want to return to it but one most go on. I guess or one must return to what is normal as a relief from the grief and pain of living sometimes.

Pain is here but at least I can face it some times by writing my way through it.

L. M. Parker

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