NaNoWriMo is a weird name for November’s writing month

Yep! I’m getting ready for writing month. I don’t know if I’ll join the NaNoWriMo website but I’m going for it.

I’ve got an outline of a story I’m not particularly willing to write because it’s straight twist for me and it’s pretty dark but there is message to it and it will push me to become a better writer. I’m not planning on blogging any of it. First drafts suck and they need a lot of work before they can be seen and called anything remotely decent. At least mean do.  I don’t know about you.  I’m just going for the challenge of it and maybe a little fun.

If you want to join me or compete against yourself here’s a link to help you about the tools and goals to set.

I’m still in the planning process and I’m also working on a screenplay for Life with a Prince. Long story. It’s going pretty good but I’ll have to finish it soon before the months out or pick it up in December. I don’t know. I’m having a lot of fun with it though.

L. M. Parker.

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